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2009-12-24 Consultation for change of Chinese name of Department of Information Engineering
As education, research, and IT industry in Hong Kong integrate more
and more with mainland China, we start to have more students in both
undergraduate and graduate class. We also start to have more
collaborations in mainland China. One question that is often raised by
students and researchers from mainland is the difference between
"讯息工程” 和 “信息工程” in our department Chinese name. In Chinese, 信 息 means
"information". 讯息 means "message". The former is more prestigious (at
least in mainland China).

Should our department formally change the Chinese translation from
"讯息工程” to “信息工程”? The main advantage of this is that it will be in
line with the Chinese convention in China, since all universities in
China use “信息工程”?

The biggest disadvantage of using "讯息工程” is that students and
researchers in China and even the US (Chinese researchers in the US)
will not be able to find our department if they look for “信息工程” (i.e.
use Chinese characters to search Information Engineering department).
No one outside Hong Kong will use "讯息工程” as the Chinese search term.
While in Hong Kong, this may not be such a big deal since English name
of the department is much more important and widely used. People in HK
search "Information Engineering" instead of "讯息工程”. While in China,
Chinese search is much more popular than English.

Being left out in the internet search is a big deal now and will be a
bigger deal in the future. If there is no major objection, we may want
to consider to change the Chinese name now. Of course, we should be
careful about the change and seek opinions from our alumni as well.

Department of Information Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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