On June 1, 2002, 10 years after the first students graduated, the Information Engineering Alumni Association (IEAA) began with 8 IEers in the leading of Prof. P.C.Wong in room 833 of the Engineering Building CUHK. The IEAA - a powerful network of more than 1000 members is one of the largest alumni associations in CUHK. Our mission is to reach, serve and engage all IE alumni and students; to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its graduates; and to provide the University with goodwill and support.

The Information Engineering Alumni Association start to serve graduates of IE CUHK since January 18, 2003. We are proud to continue our tradition of service through lifelong learning programs, student scholarships, alumni travel opportunities, career services, and a network of affiliate groups. IEAA is an independently financed, nonprofit alumni organization funded by donations from all parts of IE alumni around the world.

We hope that you enjoy using our Web site and that you return often for information about our programs, events, benefits and services. Thank you for being a part of the online network that connects alumni to the university - and each other - thousands of times each day.

In 2002, Prof. PC Wong determined to improved the networking of IE Alumni after the 10th Anniversary of IE. Prof. Wong then took the initiative to pull together IE graduates from various years. During the first meeting at 1st June, 2002, IE Department showed its support by providing financial assistance as well as a staff to handle administrative tasks in the first year. In 29th June, 2002, a first gathering for IE graduates was held to declare the determination to setup IEAA and to invite past students to join the Preparatory Council.

With the valuable advice from Prof. Wong and after the effort of more than 10 Preparatory Council members contributed by finalizing the Company Ordinance and Memorandum of IEAA, we are proud that IEAA was inaugurated on 18th January. 2003.

1) To strengthen the sense of belongings of IE Alumni towards Department.
2) To promote closer relationship and cooperation among past IE students, existing students, IE Department and the community.
3) To assist in personal as well as career development of our members.

Memorandum and Article of Association
Information Engineering Alumni Association of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Limited

Advisor Prof. S.C. Liew
Charter President Mr. Brian Kwan (BEng/2000)
President Mr. Kelvin Chan (BEng/2005)
External Vice President Mr. Gary Kwan (BEng/2004)
Internal Vice President Mr. Y.C. Lee (BEng/2003)
Honorary Secretary Mr. Kitchee Yip (BEng/2007)
Honorary Treasurer Mr. Roy Yeung (BEng/2006)
Executive Mr. K.M. Tse (BEng/2006)
  Mr. P.S. Lee (BEng/2006)
  Mr. F.C. So (BEng/2007)

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