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  • Independence Day

    Alumni Sharing for IE undergraduates

    10:30 - 12:30


The story of IEAA

  • 2018

    Our Beginnings

    IEAA, CUHK is established.

  • September 2018

    Alumni Sharing for IE undergraduates

    Coming Soon.

  • 2019

    CUIE 30th Anniversary Dinner

    Coming Soon.

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Our Amazing Team

Chairman:       Anson Chung (MAIE, graduated in 2015; MScIE, graduated in 2017)
Vice-chairman: Andy Wang (MScIE, graduated in 2015)
Secretary (Internal): Albert Au Yeung (IERG, graduated in 2004)
Secretary (External): Luo Lixing (IERG, gradated in 2015, MScIE, graduated in 2016)
Treasurer: Leo Yeung (IERG, graduated in 2017)
Committee members: Tommy Leung (IERG, graduated in 2016)
Darell Tam (IERG, graduated in 2016)
Maclean Chan (MScIE, graduated in 2017)
Patric Wu (MScIE, graduated in 2017)
Arthur Yue (IERG, graduated in 2017)
Iker Suen (IERG, graduated in 2017)
Candy Wu (IE staff)
Winnie Chan (IE Staff)

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